Regrettably, Mort Castle has had to withdraw from World Horror Convention 2010 and sends his sincere apologies to everyone who signed up for his Creative Writing Workshops.

Paul McAuley Creative Writing Workshop with Paul McAuley

However, we are delighted to announce that acclaimed British author Paul McAuley has agreed to take over the Creative Writing Workshops on the Friday and Saturday afternoons.
Nancy Kilpatrick Vampire Writing Workshop with Nancy Kilpatrick

The biggest problem with writing vampire fiction is that it's all been done before! But has it? Exclusive to World Horror Convention 2010 is a four-hour writing workshop held by award-winning author Nancy Kilpatrick over the Friday and Saturday afternoons that focuses exclusively on how to write blood-or-other-sucker fiction that has not been done before.
Jo Fletcher Publishing & Editing Workshop with Jo Fletcher

Want to know how to get your manuscript published? How advances and royalties work? What being edited involves? What to do to sell translation rights? Well now here is your chance to learn from one of the top editors in the genre.

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