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With its unbeatable combination of history and modern amenities, Brighton has it all! Sir Harry Preston realised this when he moved to Brighton in the early 1900s:

"The air is tangy, it has a zip, and I love to gallop on the Downs every morning; Dr. Brighton's the boy to put you right."

Well, Brighton's World Horror Convention's the boy to put you right.

Gatwick is invariably a cheaper airport than Heathrow to fly into from the US and Canada, and Brighton has excellent links to France and the rest of Europe. For those attendees who want to travel up to London either before or after the convention (for business or pleasure), it is only an hour away by train, and there are plenty of towns and villages strung out along England's southern coast to make a motoring tour worthwhile.

From the historic Lanes and markets to the latest department stores and boutiques, Brighton offers excellent shopping opportunities for partners or spouses, and although we cannot guarantee the weather, Brighton has more than enough going for it as a location that it is guaranteed to be a hit come rain or shine.

The World Horror Convention 2010. Brighton, England.
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