With programming beginning at Noon on the Thursday and continuing right through until the Sunday afternoon, we will be looking to fill nearly sixty slots with interesting, informative and entertaining panels, talks and interviews (not to mention more than seventy author reading and poetry events).

Reading Café

World Horror Convention 2010 is delighted to announce that we will be reviving our popular Reading Café—which was such a success at the 2007 event in Toronto—to complement our regular Programming Schedule.

We will be promoting individual readings (including our Author Guests of Honour), multi-author readings, and small-press book debuts. There will also be time in the schedule set aside exclusively for poets to present their work.

'A Warning to the Curious' by M.R. James

As one of the many special events we will be presenting at World Horror Convention 2010, we are delighted to announce a presentation on the Friday evening of:


Robert Lloyd Parry has been performing a trilogy of one-man shows based on M.R. James' ghost stories around the the UK, USA and Ireland since 2006.

Brighton Ghost Walk

For those attendees who are looking for something a little bit different or are interested in exploring the darker history of Brighton, then we have arranged an exclusive GHOST WALK OF THE LANES—Brighton's Most Haunted Quarter—on the THURSDAY and SUNDAY evenings of the convention.

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Conducted by actor and storyteller Rob Marks in the guise of Silas the Ghost Hunter, splendiferously attired in full Victorian costume, THE GHOST WALK OF THE LANES is more of a street theatre event than a mere guided walk. Silas will take you on a tour of seven haunted sites (including some local pubs—so there might be drink involved!) telling eight ghostly tales associated with them.

Please note: Due to the adult nature of some of the programming, this is not an appropriate event for children under 12 years of age.


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