"Greetings, ghost hunters. The Lanes is Brighton's most celebrated quarter, yet beneath its convivial veneer darker forces appear to be at work. Are you brave enough to venture with me down its many haunted twitterns? If so, read on . . ."

Silas the Ghost Hunter For those attendees who are looking for something a little bit different or are interested in exploring the darker history of Brighton, then we have arranged an exclusive GHOST WALK OF THE LANES—Brighton's Most Haunted Quarter—on the THURSDAY and SUNDAY evenings of the convention.

Conducted by actor and storyteller Rob Marks in the guise of Silas the Ghost Hunter, splendiferously attired in full Victorian costume, THE GHOST WALK OF THE LANES is more of a street theatre event than a mere guided walk. Silas will take you on a tour of seven haunted sites (including some local pubs—so there might be drink involved!) telling eight ghostly tales associated with them.

All the stories are from well-documented sources, although the walk is, essentially, light-hearted fun and suitable for all ages. Join Silas the Ghost Hunter for a few laughs and quite a number of screams as he tells you about Horrible Murders . . . Hideous Apparitions . . . Ghostly Monks . . . Mischievous Spirits . . . and much, much more!

Silas the Ghost Hunter The walk covers a relatively short distance and lasts approximately 70 minutes. It costs just £5.00 for adults or £2.00 for children. There is no need to book in advance—just meet up in the LOBBY OF THE ROYAL ALBION HOTEL at 7:00 P.M. on either THURSDAY MARCH 25 or SUNDAY MARCH 28 and look for Silas!

Your guide will be easily identifiable, manifesting himself in a black Victorian frock coat, top hat and Gladstone bag. Fear not—despite his sinister appearance, he is quite friendly.

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Rob Marks Rob Marks began acting while working with the Theatre in Education team at London's Cockpit Theatre. He has since divided his time between teaching and acting. In recent years he has established himself as a solo entertainer researching, scripting and performing in ghost walks and ghost nights in a range of eccentric characters.

Rob has taught drama and theatre studies across all age-ranges in schools, colleges and performing arts centres. In York—Europe's most haunted city—he ran two ghost shows: "Fright Night" and, moreover, "The Ghost Cruise", which was featured on BBC-TV. During this time he also appeared in several Yorkshire Television productions, including A Touch of Frost, Heartbeat, Where the Heart Is,
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The Life and Crimes of William Palmer and Emmerdale. He has also appeared as Herod in the York Mystery Plays and has lent his range of characterisations to a number of voice-overs.

On moving to Brighton in 2008, Rob researched and developed "The Ghost Walk of the Lanes", performing in the guise of the mysterious Silas the Ghost Hunter; again filmed by the BBC. Although the show focuses primarily on hauntings, it also embraces much of the history of Brighton's oldest quarter.

More recently, Rob has continued to extend his range of macabre characters from Brighton's dark past by creating the octogenarian Brighton raconteur Charles Jeremiah Tench. "Charlie" occasionally vacates the dusty interior of his little bookshop to tell ghostly tales by candlelight at the haunted room above Northern Lights bar in Little East Street and other assorted venues.

"The Ghost Walk of the Lanes" has proved popular with locals, tourists, language schools, colleges, primary and secondary schools and party bookings. Rob is now developing storytelling and writing workshops for senior schools, alongside themed Victorian days for KS2 students. All shows and workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools and for the age-range of students involved. He is a member of Equity—The British Actors' Association.