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Please Note:
The final cut-off date for Attending Memberships and transfers was October 1, 2013. We are sorry, but after that we just will not have the time to process any new memberships, plus we have to have the badges printed. As is standard WFC policy, there are no refunds if you don't show up.

—The WFC 2013 Team


Leopard King Saga

Attending Members will be able to pick up their badges and other registration materials at the Registration & Information Desk located in the Sussex Lounge. Registration will open for early arrivals on the Wednesday evening and run through until the Sunday morning.

There will be No Professional Press Accreditation during the convention unless previously confirmed. Journalists and others from accredited media who are interested in doing a story about the convention PRIOR to the event should contact

REFUNDS & TRANSFER POLICY: Cancelled memberships will be refunded only at the discretion of the convention. Up to October 1, 2013 memberships are transferable at the initial rate paid with a letter or e-mail from the original purchaser. We cannot process transfers after this date. We do not operate a membership-matching service or electronic forum; however, there are many online community message boards that may include messages from people attempting to buy and sell memberships. This could be a good way to find a membership that would otherwise go unused.

Child of the Sword
Child of the Sword
Slippery Souls
Slippery Souls

All appearances by Guests of Honour (GoH) and other advertised attendees are subject to change without notice, although we will do our best to make this information known beforehand, when we can. As our events will take place whether a specific GoH cancels or not, we therefore cannot issue admission refunds if a particular GoH or professional ends up not attending the convention, for whatever reasons.

To prevent identity theft, please have some form of acceptable ID available when you pick up your registration pack at the convention. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Anybody not wearing a convention badge with their own name on it will be refused admission.

The convention also reserves the right to refuse or refund memberships for whatever reason it deems necessary.


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