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Excluding proof copies (which are not listed), these are all the known editions of books by or featuring Stephen Jones. If you know of any others, please contact the author/editor at
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Books Published Between:
[60] Dark Detectives: Adventures of the Supernatural Sleuths
Horror at Halloween
[59] The Essential Monster Movie Guide
[58] MBO Best New Horror Volume 10
Whispers in the Night
[57] White of the Moon: New Tales of Madness and Dread
[56] MBO Best New Horror Volume 9
[55] Dark Terrors 4: The Gollancz Book of Horror
Thirty Strange Stories
[54] Dark of the Night: New Tales of Horror and the Supernatural
[53] Secret City: Strange Tales of London
[52] The Vampire Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes
[51] Exorcisms and Ecstasies
[50] Dark Terrors 3: The Gollancz Book of Horror
[49] MBO Best New Horror Volume 8
[48] Dancing with the Dark: True Encounters with the Paranormal by Masters of the Macabre
[47] MBO Dracula: Vampire Tales for the New Millennium
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
[46] Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror
Tthe BFI Companion to Horror
The Tiger Garden
[45] The Giant Book of Fantasy Tales
[44] Dark Terrors 2: The Gollancz Book of Horror
[43] The Best New Horror Volume 7
[42] The Illustrated Werewolf Movie Guide
Robert Bloch: Appreciations of the Master
[41] Dark Terrors: The Gollancz Book of Horror
[40] The Best New Horror Volume 6
California Gothic
[39] The Best New Horror Volume 5
[38] Shadows Over Innsmouth
[37] Dark Voices 6: The Pan Book of Horror
[36] MBO Frankenstein
[35] The Giant Book of Terror
[34] The Illustrated Frankenstein Movie Guide
[33] MBO Werewolves • page 2
Shock Xpress 2
[32] The Anthology of Fantasy & the Supernatural
[31] H.P. Lovecraft's Book of Horror
[30] Best New Horror 4
[29] Dark Voices 5: The Pan Book of Horror
[28] MBO Zombies
[27] The Illustrated Dinosaur Movie Guide
[26] The Giant Book of Best New Horror
[25] The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide
[24] Dark Voices 4: The Pan Book of Horror
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[20] The Hellraiser Chronicles
The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction
[19] Now We Are Sick: An Anthology of Nasty Verse
[18] Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden
[17] Fantasy Tales 7
[16] Dark Voices 3: The Pan Book of Horror
Final Shadows
[15] Best New Horror 2
Shock Xpress 1
[14] Fantasy Tales 6
[13] MBO of Terror
[12] Best New Horror
[11] Fantasy Tales 5
[10] Dark Voices 2: The Pan Book of Horror
[9] Dark Voices: The Best from The Pan Book of Horror Stories
[8] Fantasy Tales 4
[7] Clive Barker's The Nightbreed Chronicles
[6] Fantasy Tales 3
[5] Fantasy Tales 2
[4] Gaslight & Ghosts
[3] Horror: 100 Best Books
Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King
[2] The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales
[1] Fantasy Tales 1
Ghosts and Scholars: Ghost Stories in the Tradition of M.R. James
Fantasy Tales (Vol.9, No.17, Summer 1987)
Fantasy Tales (Vol.8, No.15, Winter 1985)
Tales by Moonright
Fantasy Tales (Vol.5, No.10, Summer 1982)
Fantasy Tales (Vol.5, No.9, Spring 1982)
Poems of the Sea
Horror At Halloween (1999)
Edited by Jo Fletcher
Created by Stephen Jones

(a) Pumpkin Books, UK • tp • £7.99
ISBN 1-901914-09-7

Horror At Halloween (1999)
Cover by Terry Oakes

[Note: "Special thanks to Charlie Grant for allowing this book to be set in the town he created."]

[Note: This "mosaic novel" was originally created for a new young adult imprint at Robinson Publishing. When the editor abruptly left the company and the line was cancelled, I returned the advance payment. Pumpkin Books picked it up for publication, but soon after the book was printed, the publisher did a runner to Singapore without paying anything that he owed. Jo Fletcher and I got most of the copies, but I ended up paying all the contributors out of my own pocket...]

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Part 1—SAM
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Part 3—TINA
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Part 4—CHUCK
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Part 5—CODY
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Oxrun Station is different. Nobody can really explain it. You just have to understand that bizarre things happen there. No-one knows why, they just do. Weird things. The kind of things you don't even want to dream about in your worst nightmares. Like what happen this Halloween to Sam Jones, Eleanor Trent, Tina Broadbent, Chuck Antrim and Cody Banning . . . Maybe it really is the rare conjunction of Mars and Saturn with Venus, lowering the barriers between our world and another, shadowy realm . . . or maybe it is just that the full moon always brings out the strangeness in that place. Trick or Treat is crazy enough, with ghosts and goblins and witches and warlocks and all manner of other horrors roaming the streets. But in Oxrun Station, the masks aren't always made of rubber. This year, the fabric of the cosmos is unravelling and dark and dangerous things are leaking across the borders . . . For five unsuspecting teenagers, their lives will never be the same again as they discover the hidden terrors lurking beneath the surface of their quiet town and experience the most horrifying Halloween of them all . . . Aimed at older teenagers and adults who like their horror stories to have a supernatural twist, this unique mosaic novel is a "Treat" to read on any dark and spooky night.

SAM John Gordon
ELEANOR Stephen Bowkett
TINA Diane Duane
CHUCK Craig Shaw Gardner
CODY Charles Grant


"Being for young adults, these stories are somewhat toned down from what one might expect from adult horror, and tend towards the creepy story told around the campfire genre, an interpretation that seems reasonable given the book's cover art. The campfire story lives and dies by the atmosphere it creates before delivering the punch line, so the stories in Horror at Halloween are nicely atmospheric up to the climactic showdown between good and evil."
—Georges T. Dodds
SF SITE, 2000

"Jones also worked with editor Jo Fletcher on the compilation Horror at Halloween, a shared-world original anthology set in Charles Grant's sinister but low-key Oxrun Station, and contributed to by such as Stephen Bowkett, Craig Shaw Gardner, and Grant himself."
—Edward Bryant
LOCUS Issue 469, February 2000
























































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