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Excluding proof copies (which are not listed), these are all the known editions of books by or featuring Stephen Jones. If you know of any others, please contact the author/editor at
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Books Published Between:
[60] Dark Detectives: Adventures of the Supernatural Sleuths
Horror at Halloween
[59] The Essential Monster Movie Guide
[58] MBO Best New Horror Volume 10
Whispers in the Night
[57] White of the Moon: New Tales of Madness and Dread
[56] MBO Best New Horror Volume 9
[55] Dark Terrors 4: The Gollancz Book of Horror
Thirty Strange Stories
[54] Dark of the Night: New Tales of Horror and the Supernatural
[53] Secret City: Strange Tales of London
[52] The Vampire Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes
[51] Exorcisms and Ecstasies
[50] Dark Terrors 3: The Gollancz Book of Horror
[49] MBO Best New Horror Volume 8
[48] Dancing with the Dark: True Encounters with the Paranormal by Masters of the Macabre
[47] MBO Dracula: Vampire Tales for the New Millennium
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
[46] Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror
Tthe BFI Companion to Horror
The Tiger Garden
[45] The Giant Book of Fantasy Tales
[44] Dark Terrors 2: The Gollancz Book of Horror
[43] The Best New Horror Volume 7
[42] The Illustrated Werewolf Movie Guide
Robert Bloch: Appreciations of the Master
[41] Dark Terrors: The Gollancz Book of Horror
[40] The Best New Horror Volume 6
California Gothic
[39] The Best New Horror Volume 5
[38] Shadows Over Innsmouth
[37] Dark Voices 6: The Pan Book of Horror
[36] MBO Frankenstein
[35] The Giant Book of Terror
[34] The Illustrated Frankenstein Movie Guide
[33] MBO Werewolves • page 2
Shock Xpress 2
[32] The Anthology of Fantasy & the Supernatural
[31] H.P. Lovecraft's Book of Horror
[30] Best New Horror 4
[29] Dark Voices 5: The Pan Book of Horror
[28] MBO Zombies
[27] The Illustrated Dinosaur Movie Guide
[26] The Giant Book of Best New Horror
[25] The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide
[24] Dark Voices 4: The Pan Book of Horror
[23] James Herbert: By Horror Haunted
[22] Best New Horror 3
[21] MBO Vampires
[20] The Hellraiser Chronicles
The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction
[19] Now We Are Sick: An Anthology of Nasty Verse
[18] Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden
[17] Fantasy Tales 7
[16] Dark Voices 3: The Pan Book of Horror
Final Shadows
[15] Best New Horror 2
Shock Xpress 1
[14] Fantasy Tales 6
[13] MBO of Terror
[12] Best New Horror
[11] Fantasy Tales 5
[10] Dark Voices 2: The Pan Book of Horror
[9] Dark Voices: The Best from The Pan Book of Horror Stories
[8] Fantasy Tales 4
[7] Clive Barker's The Nightbreed Chronicles
[6] Fantasy Tales 3
[5] Fantasy Tales 2
[4] Gaslight & Ghosts
[3] Horror: 100 Best Books
Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King
[2] The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales
[1] Fantasy Tales 1
Ghosts and Scholars: Ghost Stories in the Tradition of M.R. James
Fantasy Tales (Vol.9, No.17, Summer 1987)
Fantasy Tales (Vol.8, No.15, Winter 1985)
Tales by Moonright
Fantasy Tales (Vol.5, No.10, Summer 1982)
Fantasy Tales (Vol.5, No.9, Spring 1982)
Poems of the Sea
[25] The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide (1993)
Compiled and written by Stephen Jones
Introduction by Peter Cushing

(a) Titan Books, UK • lgpb • £9.99
ISBN 1-85286-449-4

The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide (1993)

Fright Night Part 2/Design by Chris Teather

[Note: Co-sponsored by London's repertory Prince Charles Cinema and Titan Books, FANG-TA-SEE FEAST was a thirteen-hour celebration of all things vampire, based on my book The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide, held over January 23-24, 1993. Not only did it include the UK premieres of the films Children of the Night (1991), To Sleep with a Vampire (1992) and John Landis' Innocent Blood (1992), but also (I believe) the final cinema screening of the last original 35mm print of Hammer's 1958 Horror of Dracula (the title on the print). In-between the screenings, Titan had a table in the lobby selling the book, where I happily chatted with fans and signed copies. I remember we sold a lot of books that day. However, the funniest thing is that Chatto & Windus also had a table there, with visiting author Anne Rice(!) signing copies of The Tale of the Body Thief. Other than briefly introducing myself, the only thing I remember is the look of daggers she kept giving the long lines at our table before she eventually gave up and left!]

Did you know: that William Shatner starred in a 'vampire' movie made entirely in Esperanto? that in the Far East there is a genre of 'hopping vampire' movies? that there are vampires in a movie called Geek Maggot Bingo? that the movie Atom Age Vampire features no vampires at all? If you V.I.Q. (Vampire Intelligence Quotient) is lacking, then you need this book: a guide to the best and the worst vampire movies around the world over the last 80 years. Lavishly illustrated with photos, lobby cards and posters, it reviews more than 600 movies, with a special 'vampire bat' rating for each one, and identifies the key trends in celluloid blood-sucking for each decade. Whether you're a cinema buff or a couch potato, you'll find all you need here: so stock up on garlic and sharpen the stakes ready for a blood-curdling read!

AUTHOR'S NOTES Stephen Jones
THE 1930S  
THE 1940S  
THE 1950S  
THE 1960S  
THE 1970S  
THE 1980S  
THE 1990S  


"This concise and incisive volume bears witness to the global appeal offangs that go slurp in the night . . . For vampire voyeurs, this is the definitive guide."
—OUTLOOK, July/August 1993

"Complemented by an excellent array of photos, lobby cards and posters, this is a fun book, obviously put together with a great deal of affection for its subject."
—Howard Maxford
FILM REVIEW, April 1993

"To the current post-Coppola effusion of vampire books Stephen Jones adds one of the best . . . What makes Jones' effort, apart from the critical acumen and occasional wit of his comments, is its range."
—Michael A. Morrison
NECROFILE Issue 8, Spring 1993

"With a superb introduction especially written by Peter Cushing, this is a masterful and definitive work. A perfect book to get your teeth into—sorry!—and very reasonably priced."
—David Howe
STARBURST No.175, March 1993

"Stephen Jones' The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide is mindblowingly comprehensive, taking a decade-by-decade approach and also encompassing the famous, the obscure, the silly and the downright bizarre . . . Great Peter Cushing foreword, too."
—Simon Price
MELODY MAKER, January 9, 1993

"A near definitive list of every vampire movie ever made . . . With an introduction by Peter Cushing, bite-sized reviews and an ingenious rating system (five bats is the highest) this is a book for aficionados as well as the casual bloodsucker."
—Mark Salisbury
EMPIRE, January 1993

"The entries are pithy, informed and comprehensive—including many rare, foreign titles—and ratings are given in bat symbols."
—Nigel Floyd
TIME OUT, December 16-30, 1992

"The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide is a delightful—and invaluable compendium. Congratulations on a really outstanding contribution to the genre."
—Robert Bloch (author of Psycho)


Photo © 1993
Stephen Jones at FANG-TA-SEE FEAST

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